Wombat Style Shines on in “Glitterbug”

With six successful albums and several additional singles, The Wombats have fully established themselves in the indie-rock scene. Formed in 2003, the three-man group has developed its sound with the talents of Matthew Murphy on guitar and vocals, Tord Øverland Knudsen on bass and Dan Haggis on drums. Their latest album, Glitterbug, pulls evocative lyrics … Continue reading Wombat Style Shines on in “Glitterbug”

Critical Thinking, Critical Writing

This semester, I'm taking four journalisms courses. In other words, I'm constantly writing. As a result, I haven't put much work into this blog. But, I have been blogging for JAM, writing reviews and compiling Q&As with artists from interviews. Thankfully, one of the four classes is a review writing class. It didn't take long … Continue reading Critical Thinking, Critical Writing