Self Care: Adult Version

“Taking care of yourself doesn't mean me first, it means me too.”L.R. Knost Self Care: Overindulgent or Over-dramatized? Let's start with the basics. Self care is taking action to improve or maintain your health, mentally or physically. Recently, it has become an online joke especially among students. For example: More often than not self care … Continue reading Self Care: Adult Version

Puberty/Glow UP

NSFW language included in this post. More than usual. In an effort to find the most derpy photo of myself for the puberty/glow up challenge I realized there was something I needed to say. My growing up years, like most everyone else's, were at turns fun, infuriating, joyful, difficult and overall awkward as hell. I … Continue reading Puberty/Glow UP

Art vs Artist

I've been having some serious introspective sessions lately with my life choices, career path and general choices I've made since graduation. Consequently, I've found myself thinking more deeply about what kind of art I consume--specifically what kind of movies and television shows I watch. I find myself in a conundrum: Many of the franchises/style of … Continue reading Art vs Artist

75 Hours

I don't know how better to describe Loch Ness, hiking through wildlife preserves, and hearing about the rich history of the Highlands than through images.

It’s been a while

The question that keeps rolling around my head is "When did weapons and children's death become a partisan issue in the US?"