Isle of Skye

It’s been a few days, sorry! We’ve been busy hiking, exploring and playing on the Isle of Skye. Once again, photos do more justice than my words ever could. I’ll try to caption each picture so you know where we’ve been!


The harbor next to our hostel in Portree
A part of the Cullin Mountains that run through Skye
Exploring the town
On the edge of the overlook
A natural frame


Posing for a photo on the edge


The edge (in Portree)
Portree from the Overlook
Tyler (Portree)
Mary Jane (Portree)


…it me (Portree)
Sage and her tree (Portree)


I like trees okay? (Portree)
I like walls too. (Portree)
Golden hour in Portree


The overview of the Cullins from Portree

_MG_4824_MG_4839_MG_4849_MG_4856 (2)_MG_4856_MG_4863_MG_4871_MG_4873_MG_4879_MG_4887_MG_4891_MG_4899_MG_4915_MG_4916_MG_4919_MG_4928_MG_4953_MG_4960_MG_4971_MG_4977_MG_4986_MG_4993_MG_4994_MG_4997_MG_5019_MG_5032

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