75 Hours

Today, a photographic representation of the adventures from the past 24 hours. I don’t know how better to describe Loch Ness, hiking through wildlife preserves, and hearing about the rich history of the Highlands than through images.

View from the Inverness Youth Hostel
Headed to the city


Art from streets


Scratched out is “Representing”


_MG_4454 (2)
The bell tower at the middle of the city


Scared? You wish.


Inverness castle


A pub with fabulous music
_MG_4522 (2)
The gravestone of Duncan (from MacBeth) behind a convenience store
Pronounced “Cull-lod-den”


About the wall


A glamour shot on Loch Ness
The mists of Loch Ness


Red Deer (shot from a moving vehicle)
A wall representing the deaths at the Battle of Culloden

Tomorrow, on to Portree on the Isle of Skye! Do you believe in fairies?


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