Critical Thinking, Critical Writing

This semester, I’m taking four journalisms courses. In other words, I’m constantly writing. As a result, I haven’t put much work into this blog. But, I have been blogging for JAM, writing reviews and compiling Q&As with artists from interviews. Thankfully, one of the four classes is a review writing class. It didn’t take long to put the skills I’ve been honing in class to use in my work for JAM.

So, in lieu of generating new content for this blog on top of coursework, I plan on posting the reviews I write for this critical writing class. I genuinely enjoy doing this kind of work, and it is still my original content, so I feel it deserves a place on this site outside of my portfolio. Look forward to theatre, music, visual art, and other types of reviews in the coming months.

See my other current work at JAM Art & Supplies blog.

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