Good Enough.

After spending Thanksgiving away from home with a very kind friend, I've done some deep thinking about what has changed since I've come to college. I'm a very different person than who I was two years ago. Introspection has always been a strong suit of mine, sometimes to a fault. But my musings have led … Continue reading Good Enough.

Sioux Falls School Board Story

Test scores are in, but this time they are not just for students. Demi Moon delivered the accountability report for primary and secondary schools in Sioux Falls to the school board last Monday, which includes the schools’, district and South Dakota report cards. The report cards showed that the Sioux Falls School District surpassed the … Continue reading Sioux Falls School Board Story

SD, Amendment V

As the election day approaches, Republicans and Democrats face off in their usual fashion. But this election may be the last time voters get to see party labels on their ballots. Included on the ballot this year is Amendment V, which proposes that South Dakota state elections should be nonpartisan. “This is arguably the most … Continue reading SD, Amendment V