When was the last time you read the U.S. Constitution? How about the Bill of Rights? For many, that was sometime in high school. Now, most U.S. citizens learn about their amendments through the positions candidates take on them. For example: gun control, i.e. the Second Amendment.

Often, the information on politics comes through the internet but isn’t always fact checked or is simply unexamined. Most people won’t even take the extra time to look up something they don’t understand, especially if the information comes up on social media. They will simply search the item online for a basic definition. I’m definitely guilty of that on occasion. Worst case scenario, people don’t even take 30 seconds to search a term. So for a change of pace, I did some extensive digging into recently trending topics and made my own opinions on them. 

Recently Trending Hashtags: #repealthe19th #WomenWhoVoteTrump

Post I recently made on Facebook:

First “#repealthe19th” was trending, now this. I do not understand. Do these women who say they vote simply on policy realize that the Trump campaign is supporting the idea of taking away a woman’s right to vote?

Clearly, I have some strong opinions on my right to vote. But not all women do. There is actually a history of women against their own voting rights dating all the way back to before the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1920. As odd as some may think #WomenWhoVoteForTrump is, even more odd reasons were given to prevent women from voting at all. Check them out here.

Thankfully women do have the right to vote, and will for the foreseeable future. Getting an amendment added to the constitution is hard enough, getting one repealed? Even worse–if opposed. The only amendment to the United States Constitution to ever be repealed was the 18th–Prohibition. That’s right, there was an amendment that prohibited alcohol consumption. Apparently there was no significant opposition to allowing alcohol in the US.

Taking away women’s voting rights on the other hand is met with much opposition. Now, some polls show that if only women vote, Hillary Clinton will win the election. How is this different? It isn’t supported by people looking to take away the each others’ rights.

To all the ‘educated’ women supporting Trump, I’m sorry that you feel your voice is so insignificant that it should be taken away all together. I hope you find a way to be heard after you use your right to vote for someone on someone who will take that right away.

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