What’s my beat?

This semester is the first time I’ve been in a journalism class that covers a beat that I could see myself working in. It’s odd, because I changed my major to journalism not really knowing what I wanted to do in this field besides write. But now I think I’ve found my beat-politics. 

So far in my advanced journalism class we have covered a school board meeting and are in the process of covering Amendment V in South Dakota. And honestly, I enjoy it. Sure, the meeting was boring, but it’s something I find easy to write about.

The process is no different, we interview and find opposing sources, but it feels different to me. Best part? It’s reassuring that there’s something I’m passionate about in the field I chose.

When I changed my major it was nerve wracking, mostly because I knew my mother wasn’t going to like it. She’s a hard person to disagree with. So taking that step, changing from elementary education (what she wanted me to do) to journalism, was a big deal. Now that I’m starting to figure out where I want to go with journalism, it’s affirming my choice. I’m more confident in it.

As a friend of mine says, why do anything you don’t want to do? So, that’s what I’m going to do. Write out what I want. That’s what write it out is all about.

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