Why I Cannot Dismiss Trump

Cartoon Credit: Daryl Cague

After watching the first presidential debate, I realized something important. Donald Trump is not a complete idiot. As unpopular as that opinion is, please hear me out. Read through the rest of this short editorial before throwing me into the basket of deplorables.

Why I can’t consider Donald Trump only a racist, misogynistic bigot:

  • He’s running for president, and like it or not, he actually has a shot at winning. There has to be something good about him, right? Maybe?
  • I’m a journalist. Even if I don’t like him personally, he is news, and I have a duty and obligation to report news objectively and fairly.
  • Both Trump and Clinton said a lot of things that had to be fact checked at the debate. Furthermore, if I denounce Trump for slandering Clinton, I have to pay the same attention to her slander as his, though they do not use it in the same way.
  • He’s a person. People don’t exist in absolutes, as simple as evil or good. There is a lot of in between.

What I mean by “Trump is not simply a moronic bigot”?

  • I’m not saying:
    • I like Donald Trump, or that he would make a good president.
    • You have to agree with me. Please have a political discussion with me! I enjoy educated debate!
    • Trump has much common sense, or knows when to hold his tongue. (I think he proved the latter at the debate.)
  • I am saying:
    • Donald Trump knows how to surround himself with more intelligent people than himself.
    • He knows how to push people’s buttons, good and bad.
    • He knows how to work a crowd and how to target his speeches at people who are likely to vote for him.

What I think of Donald Trump and his bid for the presidency:

  • Trump is a bigot, sexist, a racist, and an a**.
  • He is not suited to be the next President of the United States in any capacity.
  • Trump does however have a charismatic personality that can win over crowds, especially if that crowd is looking for someone to “Make America Great Again.”
  • Trump knows how to tell people what they want to hear, even if it means flipping on issues to get the popular vote. So, consequently,
  • Trump knows how to get elected. (Adolf Hitler did similar things and was elected, so why shouldn’t Trump be?)
  • Donald Trump does not represent a return to greatness in the United States. He represents how far our standards as a state have fallen—since when do we call going back in history taking a step forward?
  • Trump. Does. Not. Stand. For. What. I. Believe.

In summary, Donald Trump should not be elected President of the United States. I do not support him. But I do believe that he is not a complete idiot. People that I respect and consider intelligent are supporting him. That is what makes him dangerous.

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