My name is Rachel.
I’m nonbinary, and use they/them pronouns.

Here’s what I do:
As a freelance contractor, I help non-profits grow and get the most out of their online presence.
I have a degree in journalism, but hands-on experience in the marketing world. My skill set includes copywriting, editing, basic graphic design and coding, and social media marketing expertise.

Currently, I’m employed full-time as the Communications Coordinator at the Brandon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce. My job title is a fancy way of saying I’m a social media strategist & content manager, website manager, graphic designer, and administrative assistant all at once.
I’m also an advocate for the Sioux Falls area LGBTQIA+ and Two-Spirit community. I am a member of the Sioux Falls Pride Board and act as the Marketing Director for the organization. This is an elected, volunteer position that I have held since 2019.

Check out my work here: