My name is Rachel.

Here’s what you need to know about me:
I’m nonbinary, and use they/them pronouns.

I’m passionate about serving the LGBTQA2S+ community in my area, both on and off the clock.

I’m all about sustainability. Support your local farmers, artists, restaurants, nonprofits and other businesses before you head to national chains or online (if you can financially).

This site is an outlet for personal writing and creative projects, and doubles as my online portfolio.

Professionally, I’m the Communications Coordinator at the Brandon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce. My job title is a fancy way of saying I’m a social media strategist & content manager, website manager, graphic designer, and administrative assistant all at once.

I’m also working with Sioux Falls Pride as a Board Member and the Marketing Director, both volunteer positions I’ve held for over 2 years. The exponential growth I have overseen in our online community has been simultaneously rewarding and challenging. As our organization’s presence has grown, we’ve continued to encounter opposition from our state government and sometimes from organizations more local to us. Managing this often tumultuous online community has been an incomparable experience I value highly.

Select one of my portfolios linked below to see examples of my written work or graphic design and photography.